28 FebCafé des Chansons @ Theater de Stoomfabriek - Dalfsen • TICKETS


08 Mar. Haesen & Breidenbach @ Kerk Zuiderwoude • TICKETS



10 Mar. Café des Chansons @ Philharmonie Haarlem - Haarlem • TICKETS


21 Mar. Haesen & Breidenbach @ Sittard • SOLD OUT


29 Mar. Vocal Workshop @ Brussels  Write a MAIL to inscribe


01 Apr. Haesen & Breidenbach @ Kulturkirsche Köln - interlude for MAXIM • TICKETS


03 Apr. Stereo Naked feat. friends @ Altes Pfandhaus Köln • TICKETS


18 Apr. Haesen & Breidenbach @ Alliance Française slot avond - Arnhem • TICKETS


17 May Haesen & Breidenbach @ Festival Terug naar het Begin - Groningen • TICKETS


24 May Haesen & Breidenbach @ Venray • SOLD OUT


29 Aug. Café des Chansons @ Muziek op de binnen Dieze - Den Bosch • TICKETS


05 Sept. Haesen & Breidenbach @ Theater Mondriaan - Abcoude • TICKETS


20 Sept. Café des Chansons @ Schouwburg het Park - Hoorn • TICKETS


16 Oct. Haesen & Breidenbach @ Eglise Saint Pierre - Huy   Reserve here



Known to be active in various musical genres, the singer Charlotte Haesen reaches her listeners with her authentic performance and storytelling, her unmistakable timbre and her incredible musicality. She has won the EuJazz Award and the public price at the 28th Concours de la Chanson Alliance Francaise. Being a uniquely versatile artist, Haesen has performed with different formations at festivals and stages in over 15 countries worldwide.


Born in Amsterdam, she has origins from France, The Netherlands, Rwanda and Burundi. She grows up at the border between French speaking Belgium and The Nederlands and studies jazz singing at the Maastricht Conservatory and the Amsterdam University of the Arts.


Charlotte currently focusses on two complementary main projects: Café des Chansons and her duo with guitar player Philip Breidenbach. After release a second album with Café des Chansons in october 2019, Charlotte is now writing material for the debut album of the duo. It will come out on Challenge Records in the fall of 2020.

CAFé des chansons

On a sunny Saturday afternoon Charlotte sang French chansons at Amsterdam’s Noordermarkt, where she was discovered by viola player Odile Torenbeek. The next step was the founding of the highly acclaimed ensemble 'Café des Chansons':

Leading Dutch arrangers arranged some of the most beautiful French chansons around Charlotte’s own particular sound, anchoring it in a string quartet ensemble from the Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra.

They just released their 2nd album 'Perles de pluie'.


Charlotte haesen & philip breidenbach

A musical journey around the world with a lot of talent and a deep love for music. 

The duo of Dutch-French-Burundian Jazz singer Charlotte Haesen and German guitarist Philip Breidenbach moves through different music styles with impressive virtuosity and playful ease. They skilfully combine original compositions and their own arrangements from well-known pieces to a timeless repertoire where the story and the emotion stays central. They released an EP in may 2019. Their debut album is set for fall 2020.


Philip Breidenbach (1985) started playing the guitar at the age of eight and graduated from the Maastricht Conservatory in jazz guitar in 2009. To this day, he has worked as a guitarist, composer and producer on more than 25 CD productions of various genres and travels the world as a performing musician.

BOokings: booking@haesenbreidenbach.com