Charlotte Haesen enchants with her voice, timing and her wonderful performance. (…) she provides for goosebumps and unexpected tears. After the performance on Podium Witteman it is clear from the enthusiastic reviews

that she can’t stay a public secret any longer.’ 




Charlotte Haesen is a Dutch - Belgian - Burundian jazz singer and songwriter, known to be active in various musical genres. She has won the EuJazz Award, the public prize of the Dutch Alliance Française competition and received several rewards for her videoclips. 


She graduated from the Jazz conservatorium of Amsterdam in 2011.


Frustrated by the lack of opportunities for singers to perform, Charlotte starts her own vocal jazz jam session at the age of 17 in Café De Belsj in Maastricht. 

She founded her first jazz band in 2010 and was called the ‘vocal revelation’ of the Belgian Jazz scene.

In 2011, she released a first album entitled ‘Salomé’. 

Between 2010 and 2016, Charlotte collaborates with many jazz musicians from Luxembourg, Latvia, Iceland, Curacao, Brazil, Germany and France.


Besides her jazz career, she gained success in the Belgian alternative pop music scene with her quirky videoclips and the band LUCY ECHO as well as in the Dutch classical music scene with the project Café des Chansons

During her years in Amsterdam, she occasionally sang French Chansons in the streets of the famous local market, the Norder Markt. This is were Alt violinist Odile Torenbeek discovered her and decided to form the Tobalita string quartet around her. They release a french chansons album  called Café des Chansons in the beginning of 2017 and, as a result, are immediately invited at the prestigious classical TV show PODIUM WITTEMAN. Their appearance was a sensation in the Netherlands. 


Being a uniquely versatile artist, Haesen has performed with different formations at festivals and clubs in over 15 countries worldwide.


Today she has four main projects:

Charlotte Haesen & Philip Breidenbach Duo (Chansons, Jazz, Brazilian)

The Charlotte Haesen Quintet (Jazz, Contemporary)

Charlotte Haesen & Tobalita String Quartet - Café des Chansons (Chansons, Classical) 

Lucy Echo (Alt. Pop, Vocal, Nu jazz)


For more about Charlotte's bands and music go to BANDS.